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"Miteinander Schlafen".....Und Was Heiner Geißler Damit Zu Tun Hat

Artist: Gehirnwäsche

Year: 1985
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Funafuti Tapes T, 26
Format: Tape
A1 Zivilisation  
A2 Papst  
A3 Heidi  
A4 Scheisse  
A5 Lüge  
A6 Sodom Und Gomorrha  
A7 Alltag  
A8 Hänschen  
B1 Intro  
B2 Terror  
B3 Naiv  
B4 Gehirnwäsche  
B5 Perfektion  
B6 1985  
Recorded February / March 1985.

The cover does not list a label and no catalog number. Both were retrieved from the label catalog.
The tape was also distributed by Sepplhubers Stubenmusi.