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Order Table
LabelYear runningCountry
P-Flat ProductionsUnited States
PA WellsUnited Kingdom
Pagan Fire Musick
Palace of LightsUnited States
Pan Man Tapes
Panic Button PressUnited States
Panic Button PriestUnited States
Panic Records & TapesUnited States
Papa Chi-Chi ProductionsGermany
ParachuteUnited States
Parachutist TapesUnited States
Paradise Boutique
Paradoxical RecordsUnited Kingdom
Paralux Productions
Parano Art ProductionsFrance
Pariah TapesJapan
Park Holme RecordingsUnited Kingdom
Park Platten RecordsGermany
Party Sound TapesUnited States
Patience Worth Cassettes
Pax MortisPortugal
Pax Recordings
PBK RecordingsUnited States
PCL cassettes
Peace & Freedom
Peal Of LabelGermany
Pectin Audio
Pedestrian TapesAustralia
Peeved Records
Peng Penk Records
Pentagram ProductionsGermany
PEP Tapes
perfection production
Perimeter RecordsUnited States
Permis de ConstruireFrance
Permission CassettesUnited States
Persistant Productions LimitedUnited States
Personal Soundtracks
Pert Urbatio Et Pax TapesGermany
Perturbatio Et PaxGermany
Peter Müller Prod.
Peter R. Meyer
Petri Supply
Peuleschille Tapes
PeyrereUnited Kingdom
Phantom SoilUnited States
Pharmacia Poetica
Phlenge Guppy Rec
Phonetic Records
Phono Natur Verlag
PhonoStatic CassettesUnited States
PianoUnited Kingdom
Pidoewa CassettesNetherlands
Pigface RecordsUnited States
Pikant TapeGermany
Pillar of Plastic
Pillow Image Ltd.United States
Pinakotheca RecordsJapan
Pinch A Loaf Productions
Pine AwayItaly
Pine Cone Alley
Pineapple Tapes
Pingo Records
Pink Noise Tapes
Pink TapesUnited Kingdom
Pion TapesNetherlands
Pissende Kuh Kassetten (PKK)Germany
Placebo Records
Plague In Perspective
Plan Eleven
Plane RecordsUnited States
Plateau Music
Plavi Pilot
Play at your home recordsItaly
Play It Again Sam RecordsBelgium
Pleasantly SurprisedUnited Kingdom
Plumeria ProductionsUnited States
Plurex RecordsNetherlands
Plutonium Press
Plutonium ProduktionGermany
Po So
Po. So.
Poet's Audio Center
Poets' Audio CenterUnited States
Pogo Post
Pointless MusicUnited States
Poison Plant
Pol Pot Productions
Pop! Productions