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√Čtant Donn√©s

Gender: Male
Country: France
A French project operating in a number of artistic domains: experimen- tal postindustrial music, film, photography, poetry and para-theatrical performances, started in 1980 by the Eric and Marc HURTADO brothers (b. 1959 and 1962 respectively). They gained considerable acclaim for their conceptual works, wherein they ingeniously combined subtle sounds of nature (wind, water splashes, burning wood, insects) and elec- tronically generated and processed noises and cracks, reminiscent of the sounds of urban or industrial environment. Those electroacoustic structu- res were complemented with lyrical recitations of multicoloured emotio- nal commitment. Their artistic peak was the music/film triptych of Aurore, Royaume and Bleu (1990-1993). They have also successfully collaborated with other artists, e.g. DIE FORM and Michael GIRA, and produced plenty of performance art shows, full of exhibitionist context and symbolism, and have used for some of them Brion GYSIN’s legendary ”dreamachine”. The project’s name was borrowed from the name of Marcel DUCHAMP’s famous installation, wherein a tableau depicting a nude woman is visible thro- ugh a pair of peepholes. It also connotes a transcendental link between ”being” and ”giving”, the actual reflection of a human being, its soul, destiny and development. The group’s activities were aimed at exploring unknown regions of the human subconscious, where the key mental and emotional processes take place. Discography: La Vue (Bain Total 1981) 7” EP L’Opposition Et Les Cases Conjugue?es Sont Re?concilie?es (Bain Total 1981) 7” EP L’E?toile Au Front (Bain Total 1982) 7” EP Ceux Que J’Aime / Ce Que Je Hais (Bain Total 1983) 7” EP Pluto?t L’Exil Du Cinq Dore? (Vita Nova 1983) 12” EP Cinq Portes Soude?es / Les Cent Jours Clairs (Bain Total 1984) 7” EPLe Soleil, La Mer, Le Coeur, Et Les E?toiles (Staalplaat 1984) VHS L’Eclipse (Staalplaat 1985) 7” EP Mon Coeur (Vita Nova 1986) 7” EP L’Autre Rive (Staalplaat 1986) VHS Le Sens Positif (DMA2 1987) LP split with P16.D4 / ESPLENDOR GEOME?TRICO / VIVENZA Bruitiste (RRRecords 1988) 2 x LP Aurore (Staalplaat 1989)