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Ă€ Paris 14.9.84

Artist: K.U.K.L.

Year: 1985
Country: France
Label: V.I.S.A.
Catalog No: V.I.S.A.,N°003
Format: Tape
A1 Seagull  
A2 Moonbath  
A3 He Hapes  
A4 Carlos  
A5 The Men On The Cross  
A6 The Spire  
B1 Anna  
B2 Dismembered  
B3 Vials Of Wrath  
B4 Latin  
B5 Pökn For Beginners  
  • Bass – Birgir*
  • Drums – Tryggur
  • Guitar – God Krist.*
  • Keyboards [Kbds] – Melax*
  • Vocals – Björk, Einar Örn
Live performance recorded on September 14th, 1984 at L'Eldorado, Paris, France.
Comes with a 16-page stapled booklet with lyrics, band pictures and liner notes.
Both originally packaged in a transparent plastic bag.
Some tracks appeared with different title on the band's 'Holidays In Europe' 1986 LP:

A3 - Gibraltar (Copy Thy Neighbour)
A4 - France (A Mutual Thrill)
A5 - Greece (Just By The Book)
B4 - Latent