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Mass For The Present Time

Artist: Pierre Henry

Year: 1968
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Philips 4FE8004, Philips 836 893 DSY, Philips 4FE.8004
Format: Vinyl Lp


    Mass For The Present Time
A1 Pierre Henry / Michel Colombier Prologue 1:36
A2 Pierre Henry / Michel Colombier Psyché Rock 2:53
A3 Pierre Henry / Michel Colombier Jéricho Jerk 2:26
A4 Pierre Henry / Michel Colombier Teen Tonic 2:42
A5 Pierre Henry / Michel Colombier Too Fortiche 2:56
    The Voyage (Extract)
A6 Pierre Henry Les Divinités Paisibles 9:20
    The Green Queen
B1 Pierre Henry Rock Electronique 3:30
B2 Pierre Henry Marche Du Jeune Homme 4:25
B3 Pierre Henry Les Insectes 1:55
B4 Pierre Henry Éblouissement De La Reine 2:06
B5 Pierre Henry Danse Du Jeune Homme 2:52
    Variations For A Door And A Sigh (Extracts)
B6 Pierre Henry Fièvre 2:30
B7 Pierre Henry Mort 5:15

Companies, etc.



English edition of Philips 836893 DSY with different cover artwork.
Album title according to LP spine is: Electronic Music By Pierre Henry
? 1968.

This record brings together a series of works Pierre Henry composed especially for French dancer / choreographer Maurice Béjart.

Tracks A1 to A5 were composed for the piece 'Messe pour le temps present' in 1965.
Track A6 was composed for 'Le Voyage' in 1962.
Tracks B1 to B6 were composed for the piece 'La Reine Verte' in 1963.
Tracks B6 and B7 were composed for the piece 'Variations pour une porte et un soupir' in 1965.

Catalogue number 4FE.8004 is only on the record labels.