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Zonentanz Ritual

Artist: Various

Year: 1990
Country: Germany
Catalog No: In Neutraler Zelle Kein Zwang IN007, Animal Art aa005
Format: Tape
A1 –Zonentanz Beton  
A2 –Gruppe Borsik Körper  
A3 –Zonentanz Hass  
A4 –In Der Strafkolonie Friendly Fires (Section XXV)  
A5 –Zonentanz Judge  
A6 –Gruppe Borsik Lost Wings  
A7 –Loops And Lah-Lahs Theme  
A8 –Loops And Lah-Lahs Delay  
B1 –Handle With Care Rock-a-by  
B2 –Zonentanz Kreis  
B3 –In Der Strafkolonie Who-The-Fuck-Panned-The-Claps-Hard-Right-Mix  
B4 –Toxid Kindermörder  
B5 –Handle With Care Lovesong  
B6 –Toxid K.O.M.T.T.B.O.L.  
B7 –Juniper Hill Kleine Biester (Tanzbar)  
B8 –Toxid You Need Oxygen  
  • Artwork [Visuals By] – Animal Art (2)