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Were Broken Hearted

Artist: Ant and Bee

Year: 1988
Country: United States
Catalog No: Invisible Music
Format: Tape
A1 Lunar Egg-Clips Runs Amuck  
  The Live Jam
A2.1 Once The Clothes Are Off  
A2.2 Stringbeans, Greenbeans + Other Assorted Vegetables  
A2.3 Moonpie - Cooked  
A3 The Girl With The Stars In Her Hair  
A4 Dom Dewilde Speaks  
B1 Geronimo Black Speaks  
B2 In A Star  
  Live At The Trip
B3.1 The Fungus  
B3.2 Lunar Egg-Clips Walks With The Fungus  
B4 Do You Like Worms?  
B5 Who Slew The Beast?  
B6 Bunk Speaks  
B7 Dom Dewilde Tranzforms (Before Your Very Ears)  
B8 Dom Dewild Speaks Again  
  • Arranged By, Producer – Billy James (7)
  • Bass – Purple Plastic Penguin (tracks: B4), The Tragic Sunbeam
  • Bass, French Horn – Mr Lambchop*
  • Drums, Keyboards, Mellotron, Percussion, Tape, Vocals – The Ant-Bee*
  • Engineer – Datman (4) (tracks: A2.1 to A2.3), Nedlok Ttocs (tracks: A1, A3 to B8)
  • Guitar – Herman Monster (2)
  • Guitar [Backwards] – The Mod Martian
  • Keyboards – Dom Dewilde*, Lunar Egg-Clips (tracks: Lunar-Egg Clips)
  • Other [Assorted Munchkinizms] – Geronimo Black (2)
  • Other [Laughter] – Lunar-Egg Clips
  • Other [Marriage] – Mr Lambchop
  • Other [Reoccuring Schizms] – Scott Renfroe
  • Other [Snorks, Wheezes, Assorted Screams] – Bunk
  • Other [Sulter + Swiss Poverty] – The Tragic Sunbeam
  • Other [Vegetables, Assorted Tranzformations] – Dom Dewilde*
  • Piano – Mr Crisp* (tracks: B4)
  • Saxophone – Bunk*
  • Tape [Assorted Manipulations] – Scott Renfroe
  • Vocals – Herman Monster (2) (tracks: A2.3)
  • Voice [Dialogue] – Geronimo Black (2)
  • Written-By – Billy James (7) (tracks: A1 to A3, B2 to B3.2, B5), Brian Wilson (tracks: B4)
A1, A3 to B8: recorded at D.H. Studios, North Hollywood, CA.

A2.1 to A2.3: recorded at West L.A. Studios, June 28, 1992.