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Vidna Obmana

Alias: Obmana, V.O., Vidna, Vidnaobamana, vidnaObmana
Gender: Male
Country: Belgium
Belgian composer Dirk Serries (alias Fear Falls Bruurning) chose the name Vidna Obmana for his musical persona because it means "optical illusion." in Serbian language. Years hence, Vidna Obmana still found that the name gave him a feeling of freedom to place his music first, before his own personality and philosophy. Like water, Vidna Obmana has continued to change form over his musical career. As a self-taught electronic musician, Vidna Obmana explored different musical areas before discovering the techniques of looping and shaping harmonies, merging layers of sound and minimizing the configurations to a few notes. His style of atmospheric music creates trance-like states in listeners who understand the language of sound.