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Ugly Bluz

Gender: Male
Country: Switzerland
Description: Swiss rock-jazz group. Established in 1984 as a blues duo by vocalist and blues harp player Sleepy Dan with the Czech guitarist Lukáš Machata. Initially performed mostly blues cover versions as “The Ugly Blues Connection” with guest players. Merged with the parallel jazz-rock project “Rat Tomago” in Autumn 1985, becoming “Ugly Bluz Connected” and resulting in a gradual style shift to free funk and ‘punk-jazz’. Adopted an unusual group naming scheme in early 1986: the attribute “…ected” was changed for every individual live performance or release, often being a commentary of the respective event. Among these names were: Ugly Bluz Injected, Erected, Intellected, Selected, Suspected, Infected, and many more (see ANVs). Disbanded in October 1988. Members: Daniel “Sleepy Dan” Boemle (vocals, blues harp, trombone), Lukáš Machata (guitar, vocals), Joel Kaiser (bass guitar), Roman Gondolán (drums, 19841985), Martin Pensa (keyboards, 1985), Christian Wolfarth (drums, 1985), Gitta Kahle (tenor saxophone, 19851986), Therese Allemann (alto & soprano saxophone, 1986), Andi Hug (drums, 19861988), Christian Brantschen (keyboards, 19861988), Tinu Schneider (trumpet, 19861988), Christian Germann (tenor saxophone, 19861988).