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Trendy Candles For Happy Tourists

Artist: Barnacle Choir

Year: 1986
Country: United States
Catalog No: Warpt West Music, WPT012
Format: Tape
A1 Self Fulfilling Prophecy  
A2 Destination  
A3 Boredwalk Blues  
A4 Voice, Vocals To Voices  
A5 Picking Daisies  
A6 Modern Man  
A7 Alcohol Alcohol  
A8 Scenario  
A9 Idiot Bliss  
A10 Crack In My Head  
A11 Grooving On The Mellow Tunes  
B1 Albeit Macht Frei  
B2 Floating Down The Nile  
B3 Bullshit  
B4 Erosion  
B5 Living In A Dream World  
B6 Circles And Change  
B7 The Wreck Of The Uncle Sam  
B8 Damask Rose  
B9 Lounge Pitch  
B10 Eat Shit  
B11 Easter  
  • Musician [Barnacle Choir Is] – Anatol Sucher, Dan Bottrell, Dave Ward (7), Gary Gray (6)
Release with a black on grey photocopied paper cover with folded lyrics insert. White cassette with black on yellow label stickers on both sides.

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