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Artist: Dog Faced Hermans

Year: 1989
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Convulsion Cassettes
Format: Tape
B1 –Dog Faced Hermans New Shoots 3:48
B2 –Dog Faced Hermans Confrontation 4:01
B3 –Dog Faced Hermans Beautiful 6:45
B4 –Dog Faced Hermans Supressa 4:06
B5 –Dog Faced Hermans Bella Ciao 4:06
B6 –Dog Faced Hermans Too Much For The Red Ticker 3:45
B7 –Dog Faced Hermans Timebomb 5:57
B8 –Dog Faced Hermans Mary Houdini 1:42
B9 –Dog Faced Hermans John Henry 6:27
B10 –Dog Faced Hermans The Blantyre Exposion 4:10
A1 –The Ex Elvis And I 2:34
A2 –The Ex Mousetrap 2:49
A3 –The Ex No More Cigars 3:06
A4 –The Ex Meanwhile At McDonna's 3:02
A5 –The Ex Shopping Street 2:13
A6 –The Ex Tin Gods 2:23
A7 –The Ex The State Of Freedom 5:47
A8 –The Ex The Early Bird's Worm 4:49
A9 –The Ex She Said 3:09
A10 –The Ex Stonestampers Song 3:06
A11 –The Ex Dead Fish 2:46
A12 –The Ex Get Your Share 2:44
A13 –The Ex The Buzzword Medley 4:55
Treat is a split cassette release from Dog Faced Hermans and The Ex, one side per band.

Inside the cassette box there is also a small sticker (a drawn picture of a dog) and a miniature folded catalogue from Demon Radge of available releases/merchandize from Dog Faced Hermans.

Demon Radge Cassettes
Recorded live in Holland, Germany and Switzerland on Ex/DFH Tour in September 1989