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Artist: Smersh

Year: 1983
Country: United States
Label: Atlas King
Catalog No: Atlas King, SC004
Format: Tape
A1 –Smersh Trial By Fire  
A2 –Smersh This Morning  
A3 –Smersh Chained By Your Love  
A4 –Smersh No Road Is Freedom  
A5 –Smersh Beach  
A6 –Smersh I.L.N.Y.  
A7 –The Poptards Hot Slot  
A8 –The Poptards Potatoes Of Death  
A9 –The Poptards I Am A Subway  
A10 –The Poptards Death By Samsonite  
A11 –The Poptards Green Green  
A12 –The Poptards Glamour Girls  
B1 –Smersh Birds Live Where Man Lives  
B2 –Smersh Carol  
B3 –Smersh Jump Out Current  
B4 –Smersh Don't Go Home  
B5 –Smersh Smersh Vs Megalon  
B6 –Smersh Museum Piece  
B7 –Smersh Don't Go Home Pt 2  
B8 –Smersh Cute Stuff  
  • Musician [Smersh Are] – Chris Shepard (2), Mike Mangino
  • Musician [The Poptards Were] – Al Fudge, Barbra Peters, Bob Craig (7), Joyce Campsite, Mike Mangino
  • Written-By – Smersh
Tape One and Dub Chemist Kill 'Im were released in 1981 as Cassette EPs.

Side A tracks 1-6 previously released as "Tape One" (1981)
Side A tracks 7-12 were recorded between 1977 and 1980 as Poptards. Copyright 1983.
Side B previously released as Dub Chemist Kill Im! (1981).

Compiles Earliest material of Smersh

Dub Chemist Kill 'Im Songs 13-20 1981