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The Zodiac Suite

Artist: Aspiration

Year: 1988
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: ICR, ICR 23
Format: Tape
  • Composed By, Performer – Carl Matthews, Joanne Rayner
Composed & recorded at CAM Studio 1988.
A1   ARIES The Ram Urgency (Alpha)
A2   TAURUS The Bull Persistence
A3   GEMINI The Twins Communication
A4   CANCER The Crab Sensitivity
A5   LEO The Lion Dramatic
A6   VIRGO The Virgin Meticulous
A7   LIBRA The Balance Beauty
B1   SCORPIO The Scorpion Passion
B2   SAGITTARIUS The Archer Optimism
B3   CAPRICORN The Goat Ambition
B4   AQUARIUS The Water-carrier Ethereal
B5   PISCES The Fishes Compassion (Omega)