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The Worms Turn

Artist: Hermanos Guzanos

Year: 0
Country: United States
Catalog No: Guzbro Productions
Format: Tape
A1 Return Of The Blade  
A2 Same Old Story  
A3 Who'd Want To Do It ?  
A4 Passion In Their Punches  
A5 Mexicano Lament  
A6 Space Danger II  
A7 29-3-1  
A8 Descent Into Hell  
A9 Behind The 8-Ball  
A10 Oh, Charlene  
B1 Go Man  
B2 Dance Like A Geek  
B3 Mysterical Sights  
B4 Sleaze King  
B5 Black Like Me  
B6 Reuss'es Monkey  
B7 You'll Be Sorry  
B8 Where Did Johnny Go ?  
B9 Meltdown  
B10 U Make Me Paranoid  
B11 How Can I Miss You ?  
  • Bass – Brian James Riedel
  • Guitar, Keyboards – Gary Wray
  • Vocals – Darrell Draeger
Thanks to Mike and Paul.
Comes with an offset-printed j-card & factory dubbed/printed cassette.