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The Way of Dead Indians

Artist: Raksha Mancham

Year: 1986
Country: Belgium
Label: Dark Tapes
Catalog No: Dark Tapes 03
Format: Tape
A1 Dead Indians Part I 0:27
A2 Shaman 1:54
A3 Selbstmord 4:48
A4 Culturcide 6:14
A5 Portrait In Black 3:14
A6 The Sacrifice 6:20
A7 Erythrea 2:28
A8 Fetish 0:40
A9 Asleep Behind The Dead 4:27
A10 Cry Before The Death 2:31
A11 The Lion Of Panjshir 0:40
A12 The Way Of Dead Indians 7:07
A13 Dead Indians Part II 2:08
B1a Shouts Of Funerals I 0:28
B1b Shouts Of Funerals II 1:20
B1c Shouts Of Funerals III 1:11
B2 Mortified Prayers 2:54
B3 Kurdistan 2:37
B4 The Bottom Of Oblivion 3:02
B5 Kirghiz In The Wakhan 1:59
B6 Ritual 3:07
B7 Nuba 5:02
B8 Tasaday 2:33
B9 Savage Noise 3:52
B10 Emotion Of Life 1:18
B11 Funeral Orations 5:13
B12 Lost Horizons 3:13
B13 Death Tribe 2:25
B14 Tribal War 3:16
B15 Dead Indians Part III 1:24
  • Performer – Dark Khampa, Drolma, Genetik (2), Steel (7)
Recorded from november 1985 to november 1986.
First edition limited to 108 numbered copies edited on Dark Tapes before changing the label name and making a second edition under Kangyur Recordings.
Comes with a 28 pages A5 booklet in hand sprayed enveloppe.