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The Three Angels: Original Beat Poetry From Gregory Corso, Peter Orlovsky And Allen Ginsberg

Artist: Gregory Corso / Peter Orlovsky / Allen Ginsberg

Year: 0
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: BBE – BBE BG SWLP 001
Format: Vinyl Lp-2
Spezification: nm/nm
A1 Gregory Corso– Male Female Part 1.
A2 Gregory Corso– Male Female Part 2.
A3 Gregory Corso– Dream
A4 Gregory Corso– I'd Love To Shove A Rose
A5 Peter Orlovsky– Signature Change
A6 Peter Orlovsky– 4-D Man
A7 Peter Orlovsky– Jerked Off
A8 Peter Orlovsky– Cat Haiku
A9 Peter Orlovsky– I Got A Phone Call From My Heart Today
A10 Peter Orlovsky– Creedmore State Mental Hospital Nightshift
A11 Peter Orlovsky– And The Tea Will Seem Golden
A12 Allen Ginsberg– Deadline Dragon Comic For Mark
A13 Allen Ginsberg– 'Bengali Paraphrase' Poem Series
A14 Allen Ginsberg– To Jacob Rabinowitz
B1 Gregory Corso– Proximity
B2 Gregory Corso– Poem
B3 Gregory Corso– Shortest Rhyme Poem
B4 Gregory Corso– Sea Shanty
B5 Gregory Corso– Poem
B6 Gregory Corso– Alchemy
B7 Peter Orlovsky– America Give A Shit
B8 Peter Orlovsky– My Mother's Memory Poem
B9 Allen Ginsberg– 19 Haiku Poems
C1 Gregory Corso– Fire Report - No Alarm
C2 Gregory Corso– A Poem Begun To See How Good My Head Still Is
C3 Gregory Corso– Poem
C4 Peter Orlovsky– Snail Poem
C5 Peter Orlovsky– I Dream Of St. Francis
C6 Peter Orlovsky– My Bed Is Covered Yellow
C7 Allen Ginsberg– Elephant In The Meditation Room
C8 Allen Ginsberg– After The Big Parade
C9 Allen Ginsberg– Return To The King Of May
C10 Allen Ginsberg– Big Eats
C11 Allen Ginsberg– Cherry Blues
D1 Gregory Corso– Second Night In New York City After Three Years
D2 Gregory Corso– I Met This
D3 Gregory Corso– Guy Who Died
D4 Gregory Corso– The Whole Mess Almost
D5 Peter Orlovsky– East 12th Street
D6 Peter Orlovsky– Let's Be Lover's
D7 Peter Orlovsky– Poem
D8 Allen Ginsberg– Dream From China, November 16, 1984
Limited to 1000