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The Mesmerization of Water / Several Events Related to Wind

Artist: Dave Clark & Walter Drake

Year: 1990
Country: United States
Catalog No: Evolutionary Music #09
Format: Tape

A: The Mesmerization of Water

1. A Feather Shower in the Fog

2. Navigating While Preoccupied

3. The Eventual Nature of Rain

B: Several Events Related to Wind

1. Determining the Weight of the Winds

2. A Chorus of Diffuse Branches

3. The Dead Who Help Us to Travel

4. A Steady Transformation of Stone

Improvisational Music Copyright 1990 by:

Dave Clark – Keyboards, Samplers, & Processing

Walter Drake – Guitar, Samplers, & Keyboards

Denver, Colorado, USA

The Theta Brainwave has been associated With Drowsiness and Hypnagogic Visions