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The Lewd The Mad

Artist: Alien Sex Fiend

Year: 1983
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: F. O. Reckords, none
Format: Tape
A1 Wardance (Of The Alien Sex Fiend) 2:54
A2 Boneshaker Baby 6:35
A3 Drive My Rocket (Up Uranus) 13:01
A4 Wild Women Of Wongo 3:51
A5 They Call Me Crazy..? 3:52
A6 R.I.P.-R.I.P. (Blue Crumb Truck) 4:50
A7 Schools Out (Cassette Pet) 4:49
A8 I'm Her Frankenstein 3:45
A9 Attack (Bury The Shit!!) 2:38
B1 Wish I Was A Dog 4:44
B2 R.I.P. 3:21
B3 Product 4:46
B4 Lips Can't Go 4:46
B5 Wild Women Of Wongo 4:38
B6 Ignore The Machine 5:59
B7 Schools Out! 3:46
B8 Lips Can't Go 4:59
B9 Fiend At The Controls 1:44
B10 R.I.P. (One More Time) 5:30
  • Drums – Johnnie Ha Ha
  • Guitar – Yaxi High Riser
  • Synthesizer – Mrs. Fiend
  • Vocals – Nik Fiend
This is the first of two versions of this cassette which were made available. It pre-dates the band's record deal, and is the earliest of all Alien Sex Fiend releases. The tape was issued through F O Reckords, London, who sold various cassettes mostly in plastic bags.

The 2nd version was sold via the original Blue Crumb Truck mail order company, which was the predecessor to the band's current online store. It was made available only to fans buying via mail order but it was sold in plastic cassette boxes and not bags.

Both cassette side labels haven't the same faces image on all copies, so the actual submission pics aren't the original to look for as there are no originals or first pressings, just manufactured different.

Side A studio tracks.
Side B Live At Coventry (B1, B2, B5-B10); Live At Leeds (B3, B4)
Although the sleeve notes indicate that B10 "R.I.P. (One More Time)" is a live track, it definitely sounds like a studio production.

Liner notes quoted from cassette sleeve:
"'Boneshaker' intro by Dr. Flambo Yant!!!
'Art' by Rocco"