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The Hits Just Keep Coming

Artist: WeR7

Year: 1989
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: City Spools; Nab 5
Format: Tape



A1 Forgings  
A2 Promised Land  
A3 Dating Kim  
A4 Hearts Understanding  
A5 Midnight City  
A6 No.5 Dream  
A7 Dig This  
A8 Volt Air  
B1 Tight Kingdom  
B2 Pull A Rabbit  
B3 Let Freedom Reign  
B4 Pink Triangle  
B5 Calling Cupcake  
B6 Revolve Her  
B7 Gerry Anderson's Life Of Christ  
B8 Smoking His Dope  


original first release, compilation cassette from 1989. photocopied fold out sleeve in pale orange paper.