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The Grove Of Selves

Artist: Nodens Ictus

Year: 1987
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
A1 –Nodens Ictus The Grove Of Selves  
A2 –Nodens Ictus Aerial Procession  
A3 –Nodens Ictus To Occur In A Forest  
A4 –Nodens Ictus The Melding Of The Mythical Minds  
A5 –Nodens Ictus Way Of The Wind  
A6 –Nodens Ictus Sarukwa  
B1 –Nodens Ictus The Gong Of Ra  
B2 –Nodens Ictus Somewhere Indian  
B3 –Nodens Ictus Miasma  
B4 –Nodens Ictus Banging Bones  
B5 –Nodens Ictus Long Musick  
B6 –Nodens Ictus Bouncing In The Important Countryside  
B7 –Ozric Tentacles Sorry Style  
The cassette includes the (unlisted) Ozrics dub tune "Sorry Style" from the 1986 tape Tantric Obstacles at the end of the album. It was released by the Ozric Tentacles, available (at the time) at gigs and through mail order.

Track B7 is unlisted. The spelling of "Long Musick" is correct.

Reissued 1992 on Woof Tapes, no cat number.