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The First Meeting Of The Satie Society

Artist: John Cage

Year: 1988
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Edition Michael Frauenlob Bauer, MFB 014-015
Format: Vinyl Lp-2

Companies, etc.



Subtitled: The Socie Satiety the Sozi Sattität The Socie Satiety the Sozi Sattität.

Composed 1985.

Gatefold cover.

Recorded at Rheinisches Landesmuseum, Bonn, 31.3.1985 (17:30 until 19:04)

The recordings have not been processed technically, no alteration made in the natural dynamics or other processes. Specially the wish of John Cage for the noises of the audience to not be removed with technical means has been respected.

Simultaneously with the reading of John Cage and Erik Satie quotes were performed:
John Cage : Sonnekus (Nine Songs, 1985)
Erik Satie : Cabaret Songs: 1)Je Te Veux (1897), 2)Tendrement (1902), 3)La Diva De "L'Empire" (1904)
Erik Satie : Musique D'Ameublement (1920): 1)Tenture De Cabinet Prefectoral, 2)Tapisserie En Fer Forge, 3)Carrelage Phonique.