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Swamptape 1

Artist: Various

Year: 1989
Country: Netherlands
Catalog No: Swamptape Compilation Project, STC1689
Format: Tape


    Sunny Side
A1 Bram D. Baseball Mix  
A2 Nostalgie Eternelle We Only Feed Ourselves  
A3 Kees Beukelaar Airlock  
A4 Age Of Anxiety The Chosen Ones  
A5 factor X Amix 1  
A6 Cancel Swampchildren  
A7 Das Fett The Light  
A8 Due (2) Osiko  
A9 Clemp Yod Zwart/Wit 1  
A10 Amanda Man Sunchild  
B1 Vidna Obmana Drone Illusion Pt 3  
B2 Edsong Bramtone Liesken In Love  
B3 The Voices In The Distance* Silence  
B4 Jos Van Duijne Infidelity  
B5 L.S.D. (3) Sad Wind  
B6 Zandamess We Didn't Say That  
B7 Kees Beukelaar Home Is Where The Heart Is  
B8 RåT And Still The War Dragged On  
B9 Trio Penotti Rain In My Face  


1st Swamptape compilation project 88/89.
Comes with "Vision" magazine, with info & addresses.