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Subtroprotomnemoneurobioneutronic Warp

Artist: Catharsist

Year: 1987
Country: Canada
Catalog No: Caustic Tapes, CT7
Format: Tape
A1 Sub  
A2 Subaltern  
A3 Subaqueous  
A4 Subconscious  
A5 Subcutaneus  
A6 Subdivide  
A7 Subduction  
A8 Subdue  
A9 Subheading  
A10 Subhuman  
A11 Subject  
A12 Subjugate  
A13 Sublimate  
A14 Subliminal  
A15 Submit  
A16 Subnormal  
B1 Suborn  
B2 Subreption  
B3 Subserve  
B4 Subside  
B5 Subsist  
B6 Subsoil  
B7 Subsonic  
B8 Substance  
B9 Substitute  
B10 Subterfuge  
B11 Subterranean  
B12 Subtle  
B13 Subvert  
B14 Subway