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Squirrelbait Youth

Artist: Squirrelbait Youth

Year: 1982
Country: United States
Catalog No: Watergate Tapes 001
Format: Tape
1 Tylenol Scare  
2 Busy Signal  
3 Ghetto Blaster  
4 The Darker Side Of Youth  
5 The Pit  
6 You Can Forget It  
7 Penelope  
8 That Badge  
9 Desert Wasteland  
10 Insurrection  
  • Bass [Bace] – Spooge (2)
  • Drums – Rich*
  • Guitar, Vocals – Evan (8)
All songs © Squirrelbait Youth. All natural rights reserved. ©1982.

Thanx to: Self Destruct, Ian, Jaundice Cato, Trey, Tim's parents (Andee and Ron), Butch, Jackie Repellent, and everyone who is Straight Edge.

Death to: Andy at Joe's Bar.

We shred!

Meatmen stomp!