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Spectro Verdu Est Mort?

Artist: Kevin Harrison

Year: 1981
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Glass Records; GLASSMC 015
Format: Tape
A1 Tensions Between Emotions  
A2 Enmeshed  
A3 Indirect Contrast  
A4 The True Bounce (Of Invested Energy)  
A5 Escaping From The Zoo  
A6 Modern Industry With Its Back Against The Wall  
A7 Time Shift  
A8 A Moment Of Joy  
A9 Pablo  
A10 The Humming Of The Hive  
A11 Returns Happy  
A12 Alpha/Zeta  
A13 Voices  
A14 Waalwijk  
A15 Shutdown  
B1 Verdant Arcadia  
B2 Bent Logic  
B3 Commercial Radio Riding On Phil Spector's Back  
B4 Screened Surface  
B5 The Changing Face Of Today's Music  
B6 News At One  
B7 The Middle East Construct  
B8 Fast Forward  
B9 Thoughts Of Ripples Suddenly Disturbed  
B10 The Popeye Melodies Are Gone  
B11 Hammer Nails Into A Wall/Something Curious  
B12 "It's A Good World, Isn't It?"  
B13 Walkabout  
B14 Making Friends In Radioland  
B15 Derv's Radar Favourites From Space  
An Ambivalent Scale Recording