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Spanner 20A - Various Artists - A Painting, a Spanner supplement, assembled by Allen Fisher,

Press/Orga: Spanner

Year: 1981
Country: United Kingdom
Format: Mag/Lit
with work by Paul Brown, Daniel Buck, Paul Buck, Cris Cheek, Bob Cobbing, Robin Crozier, Clive Fencott, Allen Fisher, Glenda George, Klaus Groh, Patty Karl, Ulli Freer, Peter Mayer,  Paige Mitchell, Lawrence Upton, Erik Vonna Michel The New York Spanner, green issue, edited by Miller and Slotkin incl. work by Robert Smith, Tom Otterness, Beth B and Scott B, Dick Miller, Terise Slotkin, Maggie Dubris, Max Blagg, Beriah Wall, Larry Livolsi, Gail Lineback, Terry Fox & Romaine Perin, Kiki Smith, Cara Pearlman, Irvin Tepper, Scott Johnson, Robert Biggs, Stephen Miller, Julia Heyward, Diego Cortez, Jill Kroesen, Scott Johnson Miller and Slotkin