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Soilent Grün

Gender: Male
Country: Germany
Description: This german fun punk band from Spandau, Berlin, Germany existed from 1980-1982. The first incarnation consisted of Dirk Felsenheimer, Bernd Van Huizen, Kai-Uwe Schmidt and Hussein Kutlucan. When the guitar of Kai-Uwe Schmidt was stolen, he was replaced by Jan Vetter in 1981. They played a couple of gigs locally in Berlin and recorded an EP and appeared on a few tape compilations. Their last gig was at the "Tanz in den Mai" Festival on April 30th/May 1st 1982 with their new singer Roman Stoyloff. Later that year Dirk Felsenheimer and Jan Vetter formed Die Ärzte. Hussein Kutlucan works as an actor and Bernd Van Huizen is involved in the filmbusiness and still records as Jakarta TV.