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Artist: Chaos Combo

Year: 1984
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Trümmer Tapes 034
Format: Tape
A1 Neue Welle 1:35
A2 Schulstress 4:20
A3 Laut 1:35
A4 Lauter 0:58
A5 Hallo 2:23
A6 Pängbum 1:51
A7 Runter 1:54
A8 Frühstück 0:28
A9 Abendbrot 0:41
A10 Club 0:16
A11 Hardtrock 0:50
A12 Loch Im Zahn 2:32
A13 Zerfezzen 2:25
A14 Machinen 0:20
A15 Öl 0:33
A16 Achtung-Fertig-Los 0:31
A17 Tuut-Anch-Amun 1:26
A18 Overtüre 4 0:59
A19 Musikleererwidmung 1:20
A20 LSD Part 4 1:11
A21 LSD Part 2 1:25
A22 Nein 1:13
B1 Teppich 8:21
B2 Liebe Den Krach 6:14
B3 T.V. 7:52
B4 Neues 2:48
B5 Als Auf Dem Uranusmond Eine Thüringer Bratwurst Turgeszent Zerplatzte 4:08
B6 Unordnunxprinzip 0:33
Companies, etc.
  • Produced For – Experimental Produxion
  • Guest, Percussion [Blech] – Seppi (2)
  • Percussion [Benzintanx, Stahldrums], Drums [Schlachtzeug], Other [Werkzeuch, Bohrmaschine], Electronics [Radio], Voice [Verbrecherstimme] – Rüsche
  • Percussion [Waschzuber, Styropor, Kartonx, Kanister], Voice – Ojji
  • Synth [Synthi], Tape [Tonband], Electronics [Radio, Fernseher], Percussion [Blechweitwurf & Bearbeitung], Other [Werkzeug, Gardine, Lineal, Kartonx, Schraube], Voice, Guitar, Gemshorn [Waldhorn], Piano [Kla4], Drums [Schlachtzeug], Organ [Orgl] – Kalle (37)
"Die Übersteuerungen sind beabsichtigt!" (translated: "The distortions are intentional!")

This tape was released by one band member Kalle (37) on his own tape label without consent from the rest of the band. Furthermore it contains mostly material of this one band member, who left the band shortly after this.