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Saunetic Fraction

Artist: Unovidual

Year: 1983
Country: Belgium
Catalog No: Unovidual 005
Format: Tape
A1 Reflections In The Mirror  
A2 Easy Touch  
A3 The Gun  
A4 Faiding Steps 1  
A5 The Importance  
A6 Hunting For Silence  
A7 Schaltkreisser  
A8 Distant Call  
A9 Aerial Waves  
A10 Epilogue  
B1 Faiding Steps 2  
B2 Lazy Dreamer  
B3 Jumping Indians  
B4 Dawndancer 1  
B5 In The Park  
B6 Flashing Lights  
B7 The Treath  
B8 Randomn Feever  
B9 My Geisha  
Thanks to Peter De Middeleir (used equipment).