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Rings Of Jupiter: A Retrospective

Artist: Paul Kelday

Year: 1987
Country: France
Catalog No: S.J. Organisation S.J ORG 013
Format: Tape
Spezification: C60
A1 Rings Of Jupiter  
A2 New Age Mutants  
A3 Short Stay In The Garden Of Optimism  
B1 In The Air  
B2 Birth Of Planestesimals  
B3 Technofear  
  • Compiled By [For S. Jorg] – Paul Kelday
A1 from Paul Kelday - PS1 (1981)
A2 unreleased (1983)
A3 from the compilation New Babel (1983)
B1 from Paul Kelday - Centuries (1981)
B2 from Paul Kelday - Another Time, Another Place (1982)
B3 from the compilation "Organic Mind Workshop" (1984)

Packaged in standard cassette case with paper slipcover and two inserts.