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Artist: Morton Subotnik

Year: 1986
Country: United States
Label: New Albion
Catalog No: New Albion NA 010
Format: Vinyl Lp


A1 Start... Beginning Of The Universe  
A2 Comet 1.. Clouds  
A3 Earth. The Beginning Of Our Solar System  
A4 Comet 2.. First Appearance At Earth  
A5 Descending Dance  
A6 First Chord A Passage Of Time  
A7 Chord Dance: Dance Of Destruction  
A8 Low Note Transition To Time Travel  
A9 Comet 3... Leads Into 12 B.C.  
A10 12 B.C.  
A11 Comet 4  
A12 Comet 5  
A13 1066  
A14 Comet 6  
A15 Giotto  
A16 Transition  
A17 1682=Halley  
A18 Comet 7  
A19 Crescendo To Coda  
A20 Coda=Return  
A21 D Major  
B1 D Major  
B2 Building To 18th Century  
B3 18th Century  
B4 Transition  
B5 Building To 19th Century  
B6 Five Chords  
B7 19th Century  
B8 Transition  
B9 1910  
B10 Transition  
B11 1986  
B12 Transition  
B13 Future  
B14 Coda  
B15 Epilogue  



Subtitled: a triumph of reason.
Return was realized on the Yamaha Compouter Assisted Music System. Recorded at the Yamaha Research and Developpement Studios (Glendale, California, USA).
Includes a 12x12 sheet with a short interview with the composer.
(C)(P) New Albion Records 1986