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ReR Megacorp

Years running:
Country: United Kingdom
ReR Megacorp (often denoted as ??R) is a label out of England run by Chris Cutler. Formed in 1978 with Mick Hobbs under the name R? Records, the label was created "as a musical intervention - to bring into the UK a whole range of records by groups & musicians whom we thought excellent & yet who were completely unknown here. Then - as now - we were only concerned with the quality of the music; & epiphenomenally with supporting independents - for many of the most interesting groups could only make their work available by pressing & manufacturing themselves. This remains the case. We are not ever concerned with commercial viability, only with distributing the music we feel close to." By forming distribution networks, and by exemplifying a pattern for similarly inclined musical ventures, a set of affiliated labels emerges representing a large cross section of experimental, unusual and innnovative music throughout the world (Points East, These Records (UK), No Man's Land (Germany), Ayaa (France), Cuneiform Records (USA), and Gross National Products (SA). While most of these labels are fully distinct operations, they share a common musical ethic and an accommodating attitude, yielding excellent music for both the listener and the musician.  A Recommended shop opened in the early '80s, and in mid-decade the shop and distribution functions separated from the labels, becoming a workers collective and changing its name to These Records. In the early '90s Cutler merged the labels under the name ReR Megacorp and set up a new distribution and mailorder service under the same name. These Records continued until 2006, when it finally closed.