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PoƩsie Noire

Gender: Mixed
Country: Belgium
Poésie Noire are a Belgian band that rose to prominence in the mid-'80s. Their Belgian origins and tendency to develop a goth-oriented, synthetic, gloomy universe with low-pitched voices - Poésie Noire could translate by "Black/Dark Poetry" - had them categorized as EBM such as other Belgian members of the 1980s electronic music scene like À;GRUMH... or A Split-Second. However, much in the manner of various renowned Belgian EBM bands like The Neon Judgement and, to some extent, Front 242, they declared, through their music, a will to step away from the usual industrial aggressiveness that characterized Electronic body music and develloped a more mainstream accessible dark pop sound that helped them to be regarded as plain new wave or Darkwave.
Members:  Evanna, Herman Gillis, Jo Casters, Marianne Valvekens, Mario Conjaerts, P.Vandormael, Sam Shepard, W.Ex-Ray