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P.F.L.P. (perfect ficition of Love and Piece)

Artist: Ice 9

Year: 1982
Country: Japan
Catalog No: Fifth Column
Format: Tape
A1 Klumina  
A2 Zikr  
A3 North  
A4 Kremlin' (version June 1982)  
A5 Kremlin' (version May 1982)  
B1 10-31  
B2 19-21  
B3 14-03  
B4 #3  
B5 OY  
B6 MN  
B7 P.F.L.P.  
Tracks recorded January 1982 > June 1983.

Two possible titles for P.F.L.P. are: "Perfect Fiction of Love and Peace" or "Perfumed Flowers on the Lake of Piss".
Wolfgang Wiggers Rhythm Track on B-1 and B3