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Of Will & The Death Of All Fanatics

Artist: Sigillum S & Gerstein

Year: 1987
Country: Italy
Catalog No: Infektion Prod, none
Format: Tape
    Of Will
A –Sigillum S Of Will 23:36
    The Death Of All Fanatics
B1 –Infektion Prod. Live 7:50
B2 –Gerstein Keep The Rose! 4:37
B3 –Gerstein Rose 3:25
B4 –Gerstein Biogenetica 2:24
B5 –Gerstein Mors Mea 3:14
B6 –Gerstein The Death Of All Fanatics 1:19
Cassette comes with an insert.
The Sigillum S track appeared later on the Tetragrammaton bootleg LP (1989).