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No Authorized

Gender: Male
Country: France
Description: M. Nomized alias Michel MADRANGE (b. 1956), a French painter, a marionette puppeteer, mailartist, and a post-industrial music composer. His artistic activities go back to 1975, when he made his first experiments with sound material, and joined a psychedelic band ALCIS for two years. In 1977 he formed a band called DHISMA?, inspired by Indian raga music. At the end of the 1970s he and Michel POHLER started NO UNAUTHORIZED, an avant- rock band of irregular line-up, operating on an irregular basis until 1997. His first solo release came out in 1983 on his own FRACTION STUDIO label. His eclectic compositions fuse stylings of the industrial avant-garde of rock music, minimal music, ethno music, classical music, or even electronic pop. He relies on arrangements of an unpredictable narration, following the formulas of a song or an elaborate instrumental suite on equal terms. He employs collage techniques and the looping of selected motifs, and seeks to combine music with other disciplines of art, primarily painting, theatre and literature. Selected discography: as NO UNAUTHORIZED split with DOUBLE ZE?RO 1 - Live (Nirvana Studio 1980) tape as NO UNAUTHORIZED Yog Music (Fraction Studio 1983) tape El Nilam (Fraction Studio 1983) tape Themes Parts 1-12 (Black Box 1985) tape as NO UNAUTHORIZED Waste 2 (Organic 1987) tape In Search Of Shade (Hypertonia World Enterprises 1989) tape Sample 3 (IRRE Tapes 1989) tape Circular Music (Fraction Studio 1989) tape Sample 4 (Cold Spring 1989) tape