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New Blockaders

Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom
Description: An English duo, long considered one of the major and most seminal repre- sentatives of the noise industrial genre, it was started in 1982 by the brothers Richard and Philip RUPENUS, who debuted in the late 1970s forming as a group FUNERAL DANCEPARTY, and then went on to co-form BLADDER FLASK and collaborate closely with ALIEN BRAINS. At the time they made highly remarkable experimental music, relying on an abundance of sound collages and clearly referring to the Dadaist and surrealist convention of combining natural and synthetically generated sounds of bruitist origin, distorted human voice, and anonymous, often grotesque textures. However, it was only their next project, whose very name was meant to indicate an anticultural nature of their artistic activities, that met with recognition and acclaim. The new, uncompromising compositions dispensed with any aesthetic canons of the industrial avant-garde of rock music, and even power electronics, which, in effect, gave industrial music a new quality and provided new sources of inspiration within the genre. They called their work ”antimusic”, the term which later went on to denote a distinct nature of music made with bruitist means of sonic expression. By means of that they also manifested their dissociation from any music genre, as well as from art tradition, including its high avant-garde varieties. Inspired by subversive postulates of Italian futurists, the Dadaist idea of ”antiart”, and anarchist ideas of situationism, they revalued the industrial music genre, regarding it merely as another short-lived youth subcultural fad. Their point of reference became art noise, which, devoid of any musical and vocal elements, they meant as an effective plane for philosophical reflection. The barrage of looped sequences of multi-level bruitist textures, abounding in aggressive and irregular electronic dissonance could leave hardly any listener indifferent. It fostered assimilation of his sensitivity with noise and finding a nihilistic fulfilment in the sonic chaos. The material used included the processed sound of rubbed metal objects, self-made sound installations, purpose-modified field recordings, dog barking, and tape collages of synthetically generated electronic static. In the 1980s the RUPENUS brothers successfully collaborated with ORGANUM, and both jointly or on a separate basis, they were involved in ad-hoc projects they formed with other artists, e.g. METGUMBNERBONE, NIHILIST ASSAULT GROUP, MIXED BAND PHILANTHROPIST, and MASSTISHADDHU. In 2012 (their 30th anniversary) they announced they will cease all activities at the end of the year. Selected discography: as FUNERAL DANCE PARTY The Attractions Of Fixed Interest (Funeral Danceparty 1980) tape as BLADDER FLASK One Day I Was So Sad That The Corners Of My Mouth Met & Everybody Thought I Was Whistling (Sonaria 1981) CD Changez Les Blockeurs (Urthona 1982) CD as METGUMBNERBONE Ligeliahorn (A-Mission Records 1983) LP collaboration with The VORTEX CAMPAIGN The New Vortex Blockaders Campaign (TNB/TVC 1984) tape collaboration with The VORTEX CAMPAIGN/COIL The Melancholy Mad Tenant (Black Rose Recordings 1984) CD