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Necrobta R.I.P

Artist: Catharsist

Year: 1985
Country: Canada
Catalog No: Caustic Tapes, CT3
Format: Tape
A1 Terro-Pain  
A2 Retro-Pain  
A3 Narco P-Tribe  
A4 Tropic R Bane  
A5 Pict. Are Born  
A6 Creation B.P.R.  
A7 A Trip On Cebr  
A8 Bra On Tricep  
A9 Certain Prob.  
B1 BPC Rain Erto  
B2 Bi-Crane Port  
B3 Inca-Report 'B'  
B4 Bip On Crater  
B5 Crept Rainbo  
B6 Cobra Petrin  
B7 Robt Rape Inc.  
B8 Panic Robert  
B9 Protein Crab  
B10 Brain-Copter  
B11 Ricbone Rapt