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Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom
Better known under the ANDREW LAGOWSKI moniker, this English composer (b. 1964) is associated with experimental techno and industrial ambient genres. His artistic activities go back to 1982, when he was a member of a number of obscure new wave bands. In the same year, however, inspired by the works of the likes of CV and DVA, he, Stephen JARVIS and Andrew FLECK started a group called NAGAMATZU, operating until 1991, with FLECK leaving in 1983. Although he did appear incidentally under the DR. FLEISCHBRITTEL moni- ker around 1983, he embarked on a solo career in 1988. He became famous in the early 1990s owing to a successful collaboration with LUSTMORD, e.g. in the form of an ad-hoc duo called TERROR AGAINST TERROR. In 1992 he started two solo projects, LEGION and S.E.T.I., which proved most successful artistically. Thematically, he has his works revolve around the literary works of Philip K. DICK and James G. BALLARD, NASA operations, para- normal activities, conspiracy theories and human sexuality. Sonically, they are highly dark and depressive, usually relying on low-range textures or irregular and chaotic rhythm lines. He chiefly makes use of digital tech- nologies and computer software, but also of field recordings, radio trans- missions from satellites or monologues of mental hospital inmates, which he subjects to sophisticated electronic modification or converts them into expressive sonic textures. Since 2006 he’s been a university professor of history and modern technologies in electronic music. Selected discography: as NAGMATZU (collaboration with Stephen JARVIS) Space Shuttle Shuffle (Motorcade 1987) 12” EP Nadir (Motorcade 1988) tape Lagowski 1990 (Mystery Hearsay 1990) tape as NAGMATZU (collaboration with Stephen JARVIS) Igniting The Corpse (Motorcade 1991) tape as LEGION False Dawn (Hyperium Records 1992) CD as TERROR AGAINST TERROR (collaboration with LUSTMORD) Psychological Warfare Technology Systems (Paragoric 1992) CD