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NL Centrum-Amsterdam

Artist: Current 93 & Nurse With Wound

Year: 1985
Country: Netherlands
Label: Staalplaat
Catalog No: Staalplaat, Staaltape, ST 00F
Format: Tape
Spezification: C60
A –Current 93 NL Centrum-Amsterdam  
B –Nurse With Wound NL Centrum-Amsterdam  
Companies, etc.
  • Recorded At – N.L. Centrum
Recorded during a concert in Amsterdam in 1984 and released briefly through Staalplaat, but recalled because the groups were not happy with the quality of the release (in addition to Nurse With Wound being spelled "Nurse With Wount" on the insert).

The concert is noteworthy in that it features an early version of C93's Happy birthday.
A bootleg recording of this cassette on LP also exists, called "Noddy Goes To The Sea". The track "Maldoror Rising", taken from this concert, was released officially on the Nature Unveiled CD later on.

Came in a plastic bag with a tall insert, like the rest of the Staaltape series.