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Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom
Description: A solo project of Bryn JONES (1961-1999), an English composer widely considered a leading representative of the experimental post-industrial genre. He debuted in 1982 under E.G. OBLIQUE GRAPH with an artistic response to the escalation of the cultural and religious conflict between the Judeo-Christian and Islamic systems of values. Varied in terms of style and arrangement, his vast body of work relied on hypnotic rhythms and melodic lines clearly evoking the cultural context of the Middle East. It skilfully looped traditional, acoustic ethnic instruments and blended them with the synthetic, usually aggressive sound of the drum machine. This was complemented with samples of Arabian vocals, sounds from a busy Middle Eastern street, Muslim prayers, or speeches of Palestinian poli- tical leaders. His instrumentation was limited to a set of analogue devices and instruments, and the sampler or computer with specialist software blatantly disdained. He also employed collages prepared on tape, drawing from minimal music, the industrial avant-garde of rock music, and various modern trends in electronic music, e.g. dub, house, ambient, and techno. His work seemed to serve as a vehicle for his identification with the Arabic community, besieged by the post-modern Western culture. He condemned the aggressive policies of Israel towards Palestine, and even urged to increase active resistance to escalating threats. At the early stage he also ran his own label PRODUCT KINEMATOGRAPH, and aided Simon CRAB (of BOURBONESE QUALK) in running his RECLOOSE ORGANISATION label. He died prematurely of a rare fungal blood infection. Selected discography: as E.G OBLIQUE GRAPH Extended Play (Kinematograph Tapes 1982) tape as E.G OBLIQUE GRAPH Piano Room (Kinematograph Tapes 1982) tape as E.G OBLIQUE GRAPH Inhalt (Kinematograph Tapes 1983) tape Kabul (Product Kinematograph 1983) LP Buddhist On Fire (Recloose Organisation 1984) LP Blinded Horses (Limited Editions 1985) LP Hajj (Limited Editions 1986) LP Coup D’Etat (Permis De Construire 1987) LP Iran (Staalplaat 1988) CD Uzi (Parade Amoureuse 1989) CD