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Gender: Male
Country: Finland
The man behind this solo project, operating from 1980 to 1981, is Mika TAANILA (b. 1965), a Finnish composer classified under the tag of the industrial avant-garde of rock music, who is also known from the band SWISSAIR. During its short life it produced a mere two cassette releases on VALTAVAT IHMESILMALASIT RECORDS, a label TAANILA ran along with Anton NIKKILA?. Inspired by the works of groups such as THIS HEAT, DOME, and CabVol, its music abounded in dissonant electronic static made with atonal sounds of the guitar, self-made tape echoes and collages involving radio noise and pre-recorded sounds of rubbed metal objects. In the mid 1980s TAANILA briefly played the guitar with a group, VENEITA, but he soon quit all his musical activities for the sake of working solely and successfully in the field of avant-garde cinema, including video art installations. Discography: Musiikkivyory (Ektro Records 1981) tape Musiikkivyoryn B-Osa (Ektro Records 1981) tape as SWISSAIR (collaboration with Anton NIKKILA/Juha SOIVIO/Jari HARKONEN/Miko KUUSSAARI) 15. Joulukuuta 1981 (Valtavat Ihmesilmalasit Records 1982) tape