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Music Before Revolution

Artist: Various

Year: 1972
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Odeon 1C 165-28954/7
Format: Vinyl Lp-4
Spezification: Box-Set with large Book


A1 John Cage Credo In Us  
A2 John Cage Imaginary Landscape No. 1  
B1 John Cage Concerto For Piano And Orchestra / Solo For Voice I / Solo For Voice II  
B2 John Cage Rozart Mix  
C1a Earle Brown October 1952  
C1b Earle Brown November 1952  
C1c Earle Brown December 1952  
C1d Earle Brown MM - 87  
C1e Earle Brown MM - 135 March 1953  
C1f Earle Brown Music For "Trio For Five Dancers" June 1953  
C1g Earle Brown 1953  
D1 Earle Brown Four Systems  
D2 Christian Wolff In Between Pieces For Three Players  
D3 Christian Wolff Electric Spring 2  
E1 Morton Feldman For Franz Kline  
E2 Morton Feldman The Straits Of Magellan  
E3 Morton Feldman Between Categories  
F1 Toshi Ichiyanagi Sapporo  
F2 Toshi Ichiyanagi Life Music  
G John Cage, Christian Wolff, Hans G. Helms Conversations With John Cage, Christian Wolff, Hans G Helms  
H Morton Feldman, Earle Brown & Heinz-Klaus Metzger Morton Feldman, Earle Brown And Heinz-Klaus Metzger In Discussion  



A1 composed 1942
A2 composed 1939
B1 composed 1957/1958/1960
B2 composed 1965
C composed 1952/53
D1 composed 1954
D2 composed 1963
D3 composed 1966/70
E1 composed 1962
E2 composed 1961
E3 composed 1969
F1 composed 1962
F2 composed 1964

The pieces on B1 are all performed simultaneously.

Includes 2 booklets: the first is 16-pages, 12" square and includes an essay in German and English, the second is also 16-pages and includes transcriptions of the conversations and discussion on disc 4 with German translations