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Artist: Smegma

Year: 1988
Country: United States
Catalog No: Soleilmoon Recordings, SOL, 01
Format: Tape
Spezification: C60
  In Performance 1985-1987
A1 Intro  
A1 Happy Baby Rhumba  
A3 No Eyes  
A4 Back To Normal  
A5 Feed Me  
A6 Everything Grows Together  
A7 A-Go-Go  
A8 Well...  
B1 Semi-Incongruous Morass  
B2 Project 22  
B3 Grammer  
B4 Hairlip Diary  
B5 Jungle Ride  
B6 Now It's Dark  
B7 Tiny Everlyn  
B8 Sanctum  
B9 Imp-Namics  
B10 Nail Scarred Hand  
  • Performer – Amazon Bambi, Big Dirty, Dr. Id, Jackie*, Jerry A., Ju Suk*, Marla (3), Paul (27), V.D. (3)
  • Photography By, Design – Ju Suk*
  • Producer, Engineer – Mike Lastra*
Notes On the cover appears the Cosmic Spud, who is the Father of the Boss now enjoying his second decade of rule.
Different versions of "Happy Baby Rhumba" and "Imp-Namics" can be found on the Dead Man's Curve album "Nattering Naybobs Of Negativity".
"Now It's Dark" also appears on "New Society" on Harsh Reality Tapes.
Purloined material thanks to Mr. Rodgers, Glenn W. Turner, Tiny and home made 78's.