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Gender: Male
Description: An American group of irregular personnel, operating since 1981 on an inter- mittent basis, widely considered a major representative of industrial rock. Its initiator and leader is Alain David JOURGENSEN (b. 1958), and the major members were Paul BARKER (from 1983 to 2003), Louis SVITEK (from 1992 to 2003), and Mike SCACCIA (still in the group since 1989 on an irregular basis). Initially, while a duo with Stephen GEORGE, they brought typical pop music based on dance rhythms. From 1986 on they increasingly veered towards combining different genres, mainly ambient, the industrial avant- garde rock music, EBM, and heavy metal. Their most acclaimed work is 1992’s Psalm 69: The Way To Succeed And The Way To Suck Eggs, inspired by the works of Aleister CROWLEY and William S. BURROUGHS. Although stylistically varied, it was formally and conceptually coherent in fusing the guitar noise of heavy metal with a cacophonous sound of synthesizers and drum machine, numerous samples, and electronically distorted vocals. The lyrics were concerned with vivid accounts of the members’ drug expe- riences, sharp criticism of the US foreign policy, especially the Gulf War and of oppressive domination of Christianity. Due to personal reasons, e.g. drug addiction, and changes to the core instrumentation (for some time electronic devices were replaced with traditional instruments), the next releases failed to achieve the expected success. After 2000 the band made ineffective attempts to return to the formula they developed at the turn of the 1980s. In 2008 JOURGENSEN disbanded the group, but only three years later decided to re-activate it. Selected discography: With Sympathy (Arista 1983) CD Twitch (Sire 1986) CD The Land Of Rape And Honey (Sire 1988) CD The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste (Sire 1989) CD consuming use of a modest set of a guitar, radio receiver, analogue synthe- sizer, and some simple multi-effect units. His remarkable collages were a skilfully arranged mosaic of electroacoustic static, broken melodies, mysterious reverbs of guitar riffs, and neurotic vocals, diversely processed. An active collaborator, he formed a large number of occasional projects with the likes of IF, BWANA, PBK, ZANSTONES or Dave PRESCOTT. In order to publish his works he set up his own imprint MINO?Y CASSETTEWORKS. Due to increasing health problems related to a bipolar disorder, in 1992 he suddenly and definitely quit his musical activities. He died in 2010, cause unknown. Selected discography: Doctor In A Dark Room (Mino?y Cassetteworks 1985) tape collaboration with Zan HOFFMAN Zanminoise (ZH27 1985) tape White With A Crust Of Chill (Mino?y Cassetteworks 1986) tape In Search Of Tarkovsky (Mino?y Cassetteworks 1986) tape The Phantom Concerto (Mino?y Cassetteworks 1986) tape Ejaculations (Paris, 1919) (Sound Of Pig 1986) tape Flirtations With Madness (Mino?y Cassetteworks 1986) tape The Art Of Egyptian Bathing (Sound Of Pig 1986) tape Pretty Young Negro Man (Mino?y Cassetteworks 1986) tape Firebird (Mino?y Cassetteworks 1987) tape Landscape With Serpent (Mino?y Cassetteworks 1987) tape Celebration Of The Sunrise (Mino?y Cassetteworks 1987) tape Nostalghia (Mino?y Cassetteworks 1987) tape as PM (collaboration with David PRESCOTT) Spaceshot (Sound Of Pig 1987) tape collaboration with PBK Live Document (PBK Recordings 1988) tape Devil Music - Minoy Live! (Nihilistic Recordings 1988) tape collaboration with MENTAL ANGUISH Slaughter In The Air (Harsh Reality Music 1989) tape Its No Game (Harsh Reality Music 1990) tape Nervous Complaint (Harsh Reality Music 1990) tape