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Milano Enarmonisto

Artist: Pascal Comelade & Bel Canto Orchestra

Year: 1984
Country: Italy
Catalog No: ADN TAPES 05
Format: Tape
    Bel Canto Orchestra - Live 1983
A1 –Bel Canto Orchestra Untitled 2:59
A2 –Bel Canto Orchestra Untitled 2:32
A3 –Bel Canto Orchestra Untitled 2:30
A4 –Bel Canto Orchestra Untitled 2:40
A5 –Bel Canto Orchestra Untitled 2:08
A6 –Bel Canto Orchestra Untitled 2:55
A7 –Bel Canto Orchestra Untitled 3:59
A8 –Bel Canto Orchestra Untitled 2:01
A9 –Bel Canto Orchestra Untitled 7:35
    Pascal Comelande - Solo 1982/1983
B1 –Pascal Comelade Untitled 9:45
B2 –Pascal Comelade Untitled 4:17
B3 –Pascal Comelade Untitled 1:45
B4 –Pascal Comelade Untitled 3:26
B5 –Pascal Comelade Untitled 2:25
B6 –Pascal Comelade Untitled 3:08
B7 –Pascal Comelade Untitled 1:53
B8 –Pascal Comelade Untitled 0:49
B9 –Pascal Comelade Untitled 0:56
B10 –Pascal Comelade Untitled 0:49
  • Artwork [Cover Art "Igoumenitsia Boy, Sant Sebastian"] – Arranz Bravo
  • Performer – Cathy Claret (tracks: A1 to A9), Christophe Darmante (tracks: A1 to A9), J.A. Achille (tracks: A1 to A9), Laurent Churet (tracks: A1 to A9), Pascal Comelade, Pierre Bastien (tracks: A1 to A9)
  • Written-By [All] – Pascal Comelade
This version has "ADN" and "05" on the spine and the postal address of ADN Tapes on the back flap of the jcard. The address is subsequently absent from the credit list panel.

First catalog number is retrieved from the spine, the second catalog number is printed on the blue/black/white labels. Light grey cassette body.