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Metal Vampire

Artist: ...Of Tanz Victims

Year: 1986
Country: Canada
Catalog No: Bunker Records 00
Format: Tape
A1 What's The Future Of M.K.?  
A2 Wounded By Death  
A3 Elbow Of Christ  
A4 1000 Over The Atlantic  
A5 Abdul Is Alive  
A6 Purple Beach  
B1 Mary With...  
B2 Grand Mother  
B3 Yog-Sototh  
B4 Crucifixion  
B5 Metal Vampire  
B6 Tears  
"Dedicated to our Romantic ancestors"
© P.R.O.1985
Bunker Tapes 1986

Released with b/w offset printed cardboard cover and stickers on both sides of the tape.