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Mauthausen Orchestra (Pierpaolo Zoppo)

Gender: Male
Country: Italy
A solo project by Pierpaolo ZOPPO (1963-2012), an Italian composer consi- dered a leading representative of the power electronics genre. It debuted in 1982 with intriguing works relying on the cacophonous and electroni- cally processed sound of synthesizers, sporadically enhanced with highly distorted, vehemently delivered vocals. The lyrics and artwork of the releases made references to all kinds of events and phenomena of a coun- tercultural nature: sexual perversion, the fascist genocide of the WW2 and serial killers, as well as the works of the Italian futurists. The project was shelved in 1986, and briefly re-activated eleven years later as a result of the increasing wave of interest in and appreciation of his music, but it was not until 2006 when he resumed his publishing activities. While the new works were consistently in the power electronics vein, he failed to repeat the artistic success of the early 1980s. Soon he initiated two new occa- sional projects with other artists: LUSIK SURGERY with Gianluca FAVARON, and MARIBOR (with Andrea MARUTTI, Gianluca FAVARON, Maurizio BIANCHI, Giuseppe VERTICCHIO, and Stefano GENTILE) to explore the more toned down and abstract forms of sonic expression the aesthetics of industrial ambient, musique concre?te, and experimental post-industrial. Selected discography: Mauthausen Orchestra (Aquilifer Sodality 1982) tape 2nd Movement (Aquilifer Sodality 1983) tape Necrofellatio (Aquilifer Sodality 1983) tape Conflict (Broken Flag 1983) tape Dedicated To J. Goebbels (Aquilifer Sodality 1983) tape Murderfuck (Aquilifer Sodality 1983) tape Vernichtung Lebenunwerten Leben (Trash Ritual 1984) 2 x 12” EP Mafarka (Officina Fonografica Italiana 1984) LP Bloodyminded (Aquilifer Sodality 1984) tape Uneasiness (Mauthausen Orchestra 1984) tape Anal Perversions (Urashima 1985) LP They Never Learn (Trash Ritual 1985) 12” EP Host Sodomy (Urashima 1986) LP