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Matrix Machinations

Artist: Zombies Under Stress

Year: 1996
Country: Netherlands
Catalog No: Techno Warfare Tapes; 008
Format: Tape
  Matrix Machinations
A1 The Future Is...  
A2 Matrix Machinations  
A3 Designer Drugs  
A4 Crisis Control  
A5 Mind Over Message  
B1 Jellybrain  
B2 The Chairman Smiles  
B3 Zero Tolerance  
B4 Infotainment Dream  
B5 Zombotronik 96  
  Back To Siberia
1 Fixed  
2 Freedom University  
3 Studboy  
4 Heroes  
5 Curse On The (European) House  
6 Lama  
7 Back To Siberia  
8 Justice  
9 Swift & Massive  
10 Hotspot  
11 Total Hallucination  
12 Milososik  
13 Relax  
14 **  
15 Rabbits In The Head Lights  
16 Heaven  
1996 release containing:
- C52 cassette
- printed booklet
- floppy disk
- Bonus CD Back to Siberia (1994)

About 15 copies were made.

This pakage comes in a software box. The floppy disk, as we can remember, seems to be holding a virus. The disk is not checked, use at your own risk.