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Gender: Male
Country: Belgium
A Belgian project launched and run by Sandy Victor ”MAGTHEA” NYS (also, and deliberately by its owner, spelt NIJS), a graduate of classical painting and photography at an art academy, radio host and, in the mid 1980s, a member of the legendary group KLINIK (aka ABSOLUTE CONTROLLED CLINICAL MANIACS). As a music composer he debuted in 1983 under the MANIACS and MAGTHEA monikers, and initiated the 3RIOART label and the HYBRYDS project two years later. His musical manifesto was his very debut cassette release Mythical Music From The 21st Century (re-issued in the late 1990s on vinyl), a stylistically coherent rendition of the atmo- sphere of a pagan rite. He did not, however, enjoy much recognition until the beginning of the next decade, also owing to recruiting Leen SMETS (aka YASNAI?A), who stayed in the project until 2000. His eclectic works embrace darker ends of ambient music, ethnic music deftly fused with trance characteristics of industrial music, as well as newer trends bor- dering on techno and rave. Beside analogue synthesizers and drum machines, his tools also include computer hard- and software, as well as numerous acoustic instruments. Throughout, his musical work is concer- ned with protesting against both the supremacy of monotheistic religions and the Western culture, and the themes of man’s lost harmony with nature, its magic, mystery and dormant forces. He seeks to explore pagan cultures, finding in them the essence of humanityunfettered freedom and the sense of existence in a close relationship with the world around. After 2000, he went on with studio projects: NA-DHA and TRAUMASUTRA, (working with Madeline ARNDT as new vocalist), video, digital photo art and audio-visual live gigs.